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Violinist on the Ceiling

A combination of scenic, projections, and lighting design

The Challenge

Collaborate with the director and the video designer to create scenery that fulfilled the creative vision of the team while also acting as lighting designer

The Outcome

Created unique and interesting projection-mapped scenery along with dynamic and intriguing lighting

For this show, I was charged with creating a set design that utilized projections. The original concept was going to simply be a projection screen set up on the side of the performance area, but I pitched that we try doing something more interesting like projection mapped tiles. I worked with the projections designer and we decided to have 8 various sized panels. We used plywood painted with primer to create the tiles. The back panels were hung on the booms using safety cables from unused lighting instruments and attached to a metal band in the back that went around the boom. The floor-standing tiles simply had a pre-assembled stand screwed into the back of them. Using two projectors placed on the balcony of the space, we were able to map video and images to all the tiles.

Given I had done lighting in this space many times leading up to this show, I was able to focus a lot of my time to the scenery and projections. The lighting was somewhat typical for shows in this space, although I am particularly fond of the sunrise/sunset look and how it complimented the projections.