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Interactive sculpture

Stimulant Laces

A simulation of stimulation

Based on my personal experience with ADHD, Stimulant Laces is an attempt to simulate the effect of stimming for neurodivergent people. The term “stimming” is primarily associated with autism, however autism is not the only neurodivergent condition where stimming has been observed. The idea of the installation is to demonstrate how stimming can allow neurodivergent minds to gain focus and clarity through repeated physical action. Often stimming is caused by sensory overload. For some people this sensory overload can be circumstantial while for others it can emerge from trying to focus on an unpleasant or difficult task. Often it’s a combination of the two. Normally the senses of neurodivergent people are elevated above average, which means both unpleasant and pleasant sensory stimulus are experienced more intensely, such as an annoying sound of someone typing or the soothing touch of a soft blanket.

The installation uses piezo disks to detect interaction with the blanket. Extended interaction time has an inverse relationship on the intensity of audio stimulus. The idea is that interacting with the blanket is a somewhat meditative experience.

Project files available on GitHub