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Please Tell Me

Developing a custom video sequencer in record time

The Challenge

Create a dynamic audio/visual final project in roughly two weeks

The Outcome

A complete audio/visual sequencing system with a custom real-time video patch

This is an audio-visual performance system created in TouchDesigner to create the visuals to the original song Please Tell Me by Willow Weiner and myself. The bulk of the work was done between December 4th and December 17th 2020, meaning that this entire project was completed in roughly two weeks. In that time, we developed both the visual patch and the custom sequencing UI. The system allows us to program a sequence of cues that can be triggered by typing commands into the command field at the bottom of the control window or by sending those commands over OSC. For this project, we used a Max for Live patch to send OSC from the music composition in Ableton Live to our visual system.

Made in collaboration with Willow Weiner for Eli Stine’s Audio Visual Composition class at Oberlin College during the Fall 2020 semester. Created with Ableton Live, Max for Live, GLSL, Python, and TouchDesigner.

Project files available on GitHub