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Venue management


Monitoring the capacity of a venue at a free event

The Challenge

Create a system for ushers to monitor the attendance of a a free event to prevent the venue from going over-capacity

The Outcome

A simple-to-use web app that mimics the functionality of a tally counter but is synced between all devices.

I was approached by Tom Lopez, chair of the Oberlin Conservatory TIMARA department, about creating a way to manage the attendance of the upcoming Kaleidosonic Festival in Oberlin’s Finny Chapel venue. Since Kaleidosonic was a free event with no ticketing, the event staff needed to ensure that Finny would not go over-capacity. Since Finny has doors all over the building, the system would need to be able to monitor multiple entrances/exits at once. We worked together on coming up with a number of possible solutions, including using cameras or an Xbox Kinect to track the audience. However we ultimately decided the most feasible solution in the time we had was to re-create a classic tally counter but digitize it so it could sync wirelessly between ushers all over the venue. This was ultimately implemented as a web app called DoorTally.

Features include:

  • Multiple venues/events at once
  • Each venue/event has its own login pin code, along with a pin code to access the admin panel
  • Each venue/event can have its capacity and warnings configured to different attendance numbers
  • Real-time operation
  • Timestamped logging for data collection purposes

Source available on GitHub