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Technical director

Crafting Change Symposium

The Crafting Change Symposium was a free online symposium providing a bird’s eye view of artists, educators, designers, and technologists using creativity to craft change in the classroom and beyond

The Crafting Change Symposium was a free online event series hosted by the Center for Convergence (StudiOC) at Oberlin College and Conservatory that ran from May 25th to June 18th, 2021. More information about the symposium as well as recordings for some of the talks can be found on the symposium website.

As the technical director for the Crafting Change Symposium I:

  • Designed promotional materials including logos, graphics, posters, and Instagram posts
  • Edited video introductions for a collection of panels, including “4D Liberal Arts”
  • Edited all archived recordings
  • Created, designed, and maintained symposium website
  • Managed the Symposium Discord Server